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Our First Marys Market!- Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We kicked off our end of season sale at Marys Market with up to 50% off our garments and we sold alot of stock, I could barely re-stock the table quick enough! The feedback was amazing, everyone loved our clothes. ‘Its so different to what you can buy here’, ‘The quality is amazing’, ‘The prints are stunning’, ‘Will you be here again next month’ and even a couple of ‘I wish you sold them in adult sizes’. Thats the reason why I started Over the Ocean, to make some of the gorgeous labels from overseas available here, so it was great see peoples reactions.

Ella and Marley were there for some of the time and were my little models for the day. Ella wore Three Little Trees retro fisher singlet and Littlewings shirred jersey bloomers and we sold out of the bloomers on the day.

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